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Sassda equips members to take advantage of ‘hot spot’ African projects

Sassda recently hosted a top-level Africa Rising Market Intelligence Briefing which revealed that Africa still has what it takes, with a healthy recovery in growth rates predicted for the Sub-Saharan African region of 2.6% in 2017 (Source: IMF) and pockets of above average growth in countries such as Cote D’Ivoire (7.3%), Tanzania (7%) and Kenya (5.5%). To equip its members to take advantage of this, sassda provided a range of key insights and top tips on how to leverage the ‘African opportunity’ and bypass the lack of information and labyrinth of red tape that thwarts many export and investment opportunities before they have even begun

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JULY  2017

What’s really going on?

A key aspects of the sassda 2017 AGM was feedback from the association’s first Member Satisfaction Survey in three years that was conducted in April 2017, the results of which were extremely encouraging in terms of how the association has performed during the last challenging few years

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Manufacturing sector has potential to add 1-million jobs to SA’s economy

Sassda recently attended the 2017 Manufacturing Indaba held in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg to find out the current realities facing our members who form part of this vital sector. One of the most interesting presentations at the event was by André de Ruyter of the Manufacturing Circle entitled Kick Starting Industrialisation in South Africa, which pointed out that if manufacturing were to have an appropriate share of GDP in line with South Africa’s current developmental stage – i.e. 28% to 32% – a theoretical 800 000 to 1.1-million jobs could be created

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Sassda lobbies to increase stainless steel import tariffs

Given that imported finished products, primarily Chinese, surged by 44% last year and the export of finished products dropped by 20% resulting in a situation where we now import 40 000 tons of stainless steel finished products more than we exported, sassda is seeking to start the process of increasing the import tariff i.e. increasing the applied rate to the bound rate) on six HS codes in the downstream stainless steel industry.

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IDC launches R1.5-Billion Downstream Steel Industry Competitiveness Fund

The IDC has announced the establishment of a R1.5-billion Downstream Steel Industry Competitiveness Fund. The dti has informed sassda that this applies to stainless steel as well. The key purpose of the Fund is to assist qualifying enterprises in the downstream steel sectors to improve their competitiveness and assist companies. The IDC will leverage a total R95-million allocation over three years, to create a substantial R1.5-billion Fund, in the form of an interest rate subsidy to normal IDC risk pricing, aimed at improving downstream competitiveness for qualifying firms in the Metals and Engineering sub-sectors.

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