Merit Award – Product Category

Franke Kitchen Systems

For the design & manufacture of a “Hands-Free” basin system



Hand hygiene is central to preventing the spread of infectious diseases in home and everyday life settings. Arising from thedemand from the food sector, Franke has produced the latest “hands-free”basin system.

The basin incorporates a built-in metering valve that is activated when applying pressure against the facia.Optional hygiene accessories such as a paper towel dispenser, a sensor operated soap dispenser and stainless steel waste bin from Franke completes the hygiene system solution.

The Knee Operated Basin is manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel, with an integrated splash back.

The built-in metering valve supplies water on demand. The adjustable metering provides the perfect amount of water needed and can reduce water consumption by as much as 75%.

Hands free solutions provide convenience and hygiene facilities with high traffic levels. That is why planners and operators are increasingly going for the touch-free option when fitting out institutional sanitary facilities. Franke Water Systems demonstrates its competence in this field too, with numerous new developments.

Franke Water Systems manufactures 90% of products in its own factories.

The demand for the new basin is ideally suited for export into Africa where hygiene is a very high priority.

“We anticipate this market will equal the South African market by 2020 and will create several direct and indirect job opportunities, from the stainless steel mill, through the factory and up to the shipping vessel,” says Franke.


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Franke Kitchen Systems  – 031 450 6344

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