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Gerhard Unger 

For the manufacture of  a mayonnaise plant for Tiger Brands

gerhard unger mayonnaise plant for Tiger Brands

Gerhard Unger manufactured a mayonnaise plant for Tiger Brands through WSP, one of the most diverse engineering firms worldwide, providing design,engineering and management consulting services in the built and natural environment.

The plant is designed in a modular format that provides flexibility. In physical form, it comprises three ‘lines’ each of which have two ‘skids.’ One skid houses three stainless steel tanks (including pumps and instrumentation); the other skid contains six stainless steel tanks and ancillary equipment.

The tanks contain the ingredients,consisting of whole egg, edible oil, vinegar, and stabilisers, flavourants, etc. The skid-mount design allowed for virtually total manufacture and assembly of the plant before it was delivered to the client’s premises. For intellectual property reasons, the actual process detail is confidential. However, one may very easily understand the complexity of the manufacturing process in a plant that strongly states ‘fit for purpose’ in an environment of order. Attention has been very carefully given to placement of pumps, valves and other equipment requiring maintenance.

If there is one word more pertinent to pipework than any other, it is ‘simplicity.’ The same is true in many facets of life. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo da Vinci. Albert Einstein believed in the paring down of very complex concepts: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” One of America’s greatest architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, put it another way: “Simplicity is the quality that measures the true value of any work of art.” Le Corbusier sought to “realise a small masterpiece of simplicity.” Not only so-called great minds value simplicity. When a sculptor, who carved elephants out of tree trunks, was asked how he did it, he explained, “I cut away anything that doesn’t look like an elephant.”

So, to a professional pipework engineer, eloquence lies partly in simplicity. However, not the simple ‘straight line between two points’ philosophy. Pipework exists for the purpose of conveying, and such aspects as viscosity, temperature, emulsification,and high solids play important parts in the pipework design process. In the end, however, the pipework engineer will far prefer an harmonious pipe system to one resembling a rat’s nest, because, aesthetics aside, the former will allow excellent flow and CIP (cleaning in place) effectiveness, of paramount importance in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Since 1976, Gerhard Unger has provided specialised solutions for the above industries and others requiring a high level of stainless steel manufacture. That experience and capability is to be seen in every plant and piece of equipment that leaves the Gerhard Unger facilities. So too, the mayonnaise plant in question.

‘You are only as good as your last job’ could be Gerhard Unger’s mantra … and this mayonnaise plant fits the bill perfectly. It displays high quality, advanced engineering, best practice design, efficiency, reliability and innovative manufacturing.  And, it complies with the pragmatic approach of Gerhard Unger and WSP for pre-manufacture and factory testing to ensure that the plant can be re-assembled on site in the shortest time possible and with minimal disruption to the client.

There really is something special about equipment that does the job perfectly and looks great at the same time.


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