Media Coverage 2017

November 2017

Meg Chem – 01 November – Oxygen an essential ingredient for stainless passivation

engineering News – 09 November – SA Hippo Flameproof Submersible Pumps Exported Has A 98 Local Content

Engineering News – 08 December – Essential Industry – Stainless Steel p.23


Sassda announces R125 000 Lifecycle Costing competition winner!

Along with sixty other accurate finalists in sassda’s 2017 Lifecycle Costing Competition, the overall winner Amrish Punwasi proved that while stainless steel is can be costlier than other materials initially, it often delivers lower long-term costs in the life-cycle of the construction.

The competition required that entrants download sassda’s Lifecycle Costing app to calculate the cost savings that could have been achieved if the Eiffel Tower had been constructed out of stainless steel, either 3CR12 or LDX 2101, rather than mild steel.

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10 November – Leading Architecture –

13 November – Architect Africa –

28 November – –  Steel on the rise


01 November – Architect & Specificator – From security to lifecycle costing p.31

01 December –  Leading Architecture – Leading Architecture Design_Lower lifecyle costs an often overlooked strength of stainless steel p.47 and p.48

Competition proves long term value of stainless steel

The winner of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association’s (Sassda’s) Eiffel Tower life cycle costing competition was announced earlier this month, having proven the success of the association’s new cellphone application (app) and the long-term value of stainless steel as a structural material.

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27 October – Engineering News –


27 October – Engineering News – Competition proves long term value of stainless steel

Local stainless steel industry remains optimistic

While South African demand for stainless steel is under severe pressure, the potential for growth once the local economy improves is strong and distributors are starting to position themselves strategically to take advantage of this, says stainless steel producer Columbus Stainless CEO Lucien Matthews.

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27 October – Engineering News –


27 October – Engineering News – Local stainless steel industry remains optimistic

International recognition for SA stainless steel innovation

The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (Sassda) was awarded the Bronze Award by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) in the category of Best New Applications Featuring New Technology, for the development of municipal water storage tanks that were made from 3 chrome (CR)12 stainless steel to replace concrete.

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27 October – Engineering News –


27 October – Engineering News – International recognition for S African stainless steel.


Stainless steel has a crucial role to play in fixing SA’s water woes

Globally, as much as 35% of all treated water is lost to leaking piping systems with South African levels reaching as high as 60%. This has prompted a stainless steel test project to get underway in Paarl between sassda, local municipal authorities and South African manufacturers in search of the most environmental and economic solution for the country’s water-wise future.

Case studies show that 95% of treated water leaks occur in the small diameter service pipes connecting the distribution pipes to the users’ water meters. Currently, approximately 40% of Johannesburg’s treated water supply is nonrevenue water (NRW), equating to a loss of R1.1 billion per year, of this 73.3% is lost due to pipe leakage.

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06 October – Engineering News –

10 October – Infrastructure News –

10 November – – Save water go stainless


06 October – Engineering News – Sassda promotes the use of stainless steel water pipes

01 November – Imiesa – Save water go stainless

10 November – Infrastructurene – Save water go stainless

01 October  – Public Services SA – Stainless steel has a crucial role to play in solving SA water woes p.24


Sassda equips members to take advantage of ‘hot spot’ African projects

Speaking at sassda’s recent ‘Africa Rising’ market intelligence briefing to its members, Market Intelligence Specialist Lesley Squires said; “Further to our interactions and lobbying of the Department of Trade and Industry, we are looking to facilitate the integration of our value chain, as well as facilitate market integration between sassda members and the rest of the continent.

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23 August – Bizcommunity –

23 August – –

28 August – Crown –

29 August – Architect Africa –

22 March 2018 – South African Business Integrator –


01 March 2018 – SA Business Integrator

28 August – Crown – Steel on the rise

JULY 2017

SA’s R15-Billion stainless steel industry feels the pressure

South Africa’s R15-billion stainless steel industry has felt the strain of a contraction in its apparent consumption figures in the last two years, exacerbated by a flood of Chinese imports and resulting stagnant demand for locally fabricated products. This was the view of our Executive Director John Tarboton at the recent sassda 2017 AGM where he pointed out; “Declining apparent consumption is of particular concern. Prior to 2015 our figures mirrored what was going on in the rest of the world, whereas now we’re deviating from the global trend”.

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21 July – Crown Publications –

14 July – Steel Guru –

13 July – Crane Designs –

13 July – Biz Community –


01 July – Mech Chem Africa Pg33 –  A message from sassdas chairman 

01 July – Mech Chem Africa Pg32 – Local stainless steel industry battles SAs economic storm p.32

JUNE 2017

Sassda lobbies to increase stainless steel import tariffs

Given that imported finished products, primarily Chinese, surged by 44% last year and the export of finished products dropped by 20% resulting in a situation where we now import 40 000 tons of stainless steel finished products more than we exported, sassda is seeking to start the process of increasing the import tariff i.e. increasing the applied rate to the bound rate) on six HS codes in the downstream stainless steel industry.

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05 July – Engineering News –


02 June – Engineering News Pg46 – Members lament impact of imported products on local industry

APRIL 2017

Promise of Stainless Steel underminded by fly-by-night Fabricators

In a tough economy, consumers veer towards the cheapest option and some contractors may be tempted to cut corners. Unfortunately, contractor mistakes cost a fortune, mistakes kill profits and both parties usually blame the other, and often stainless steel itself, through angry exchanges that waste time – so what happens when stainless steel contractors fail to deliver on promises?

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28 April – – Promise of stainless steel undermined by fly by night fabricators

24 April – Leads2Business Blog – Fly-by-night fabricators undermine stainless steel promise

24 April – – Fly-by-night fabricators undermine stainless steel promise


01 June – SA Roofing Pg 8 – Promise of stainless steel undermined p.8

19 May – Crown Publications – Promise of stainless steel undermined

11 May  – Mech Chem Africa Pg 26 – Promise of stainless steel undermined

01 May – Architect & Specifier Pg 46 – Dont blame the steel 

MARCH 2017

Stainless Steel app gives users chance to win R125 000 trip to Paris!

The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) has launched an exciting new competition in which entrants (e.g. engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, end-users and specifiers and members of the public) stand to win a trip to Paris worth R125 000!  Entrants need to download and use sassda’s life cycle costing (LCC) app to calculate the significant long-term maintenance savings that could have been achieved had the Eiffel Tower been constructed from stainless steel.

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04 April – Leads2Business Blog – Did you know Sassda Lifecycle Costing App

08 March – – Sassda launches app-based life cycle costing competition

10 March – – Sassda launches R125 000 lifecycle costing competition

13 March – – SASSDA competition Win a trip to Paris

17 March – – Stainless steel body hopes to boost product demand at event

20 March – – Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association launches major app

22-March – – Stainless steel app gives users chance to win R125 000 trip to Paris


01 July – SA Affordable Housing Pg 12 – Want to win a trip to Paris worth R125 000 p.12

01-May – SA Roofing p.4 – App offers users a chance to win R125 000 trip to Paris

01 April – Castings SA p.24 – Sassda launches competition to promote lifecycle costing app

17 March – Engineering News p.14 – Stainless body launches competition to promote lifecycle costing app

17 March – Engineering News p.4 – Stainless steel body hopes to boost product demand at event

17 March – Engineering News p.46 & 48- Stainless steel body hopes to boost product demand at event


14 February 2017

Municipal Stainless Steel Solutions could save SA Millions in Water Losses

With South Africa experiencing Stage 2 and 3 water restrictions following its worst drought in decades, the spotlight falls on the solution of using stainless steel in water distribution and service pipes in South Africa to reduce leakages and maintenance costs and preserve our already strained water resources into the long-term future.

The importance of tightening up South Africa’s water supply infrastructure comes into sharp focus when one considers statistics cited in a report, which stated that up to 40% of Johannesburg’s water goes unaccounted for annually, costing the city R1.16-billion in the year (ending June 30, 2015). Of that about R851-million of water was lost to leaks.

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01 March 2017 – The Build – Water Woes

11 May – Mech Chem Pg 27 – Stainless steel could save millions 



01 June – Mechanical Engineering Pg 16 – Stainless for piping and fittings p.16


05 May – Good HopeFM News 2pm/Good HopeFM News 3pm/Radio 786 News 5pm/Voice of the Cape News 5pm

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