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Sassda ensures that all of our products and services add value to our members lives and  businesses. Sassda aims to help our members work less stressfully and make it easier for them to operate by, for example lobbying. We aim to help our members work more profitably by create opportunities and markets and we help our members work more productively by our benchmarking, training. In short:

  • Sassda cost effectively links and empowers members to grow the locally converted stainless steel finished product market within the South African economy.
  • Sassda connects potential customers with members.
  • Sassda provides stainless steel specific information and training that helps to promote member efficiency and productivity as well as enabling our members to offer a better service to their customers.

Normal Members are defined as service providers of Sassda and persons concerned with or engaged in the specification, consultation, design, fabrication, manufacture, marketing and use of stainless steel, and product manufactured therefrom shall, provided they are based in Southern Africa.
Membership Fee :  R1,210.00 plus VAT

Funding Members are defined as Primary Product producers and Primary Product importers, either direct or indirect, subject to an agreed minimum quantity, as determined from time to time by the Main Committee, provided they are based in Southern Africa.
Membership Fee:  Free, but there is a monthly contribution to Sassda based on historical production or imports of stainless steel primary products into the local market. Please contact Sassda for more information on the Sassda funding mechanism

Associate Members are defined as associations, institutes, government departments, chambers of commerce, academic institutes and export councils, provided they are based in Southern Africa.
Membership Fee :  Free

Retired Members are defined as retired persons who were employed by Members of Sassda.
Membership Fee:  Free

Student Members
are defined as students who have completed a course or presentation provided by the company or who participate in stainless steel projects, provided they are based in Southern Africa, for a fixed period, as determined by the Main Committee.
Membership Fee :  Free


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