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Graytex Metals rises from Rimex Metals SA

graytex staff25 years of building a business, a brand, being part of a recognised global group and overcoming challenges has been key to Graytex Metals’ success.

As of February 2016, Rimex Metals SA becomes Graytex Metals. “We are now a 100% fully-owned South African company,” says Jason Naude, director of Graytex Metals, formerly Rimex SA.

The shareholder buyout from its UKbased parent does not mean Graytex has cut ties with Rimex, in which it formerly held a 50:50 partnership. Graytex, the newly formed company, will proudly remain the sole distributor and agent of Rimex Metals’ imported products for sub-Saharan Africa and islands.

Graytex plans to increase its local product offering, with major developments already happening, and continue to import, stock and distribute Rimex Metals’ products.

When Rigidized Metals Exports (Rimex) was formed in 1991, it offered two imported patterns, says Naude. As of February 2016, it offers 33 locally produced products, and 20 imported products, and this offering is set to grow further.

Naude says, “Graytex will offer a comprehensive package, with new local products and its international imports.”
Rimex has similar distribution alliances in France and Spain.

“The timing is fortuitous,” says Naude. “The past three years have been a period of significant development and investment.” Graytex / Rimex SA put all its resources into investing in equipment, expansion and staff development. The recent acquisition of a new line means
Graytex will start operating on an even stronger footing.

The new business will comprise three divisions within Graytex. This will help track and identify trends, growth and performance in the different areas of the business.

The core Graytex business will remain patterns, colours and architectural products. The other divisions are the Cut to Length and Slitting Division; the Polishing Facility; and the New CTC Line.

“The new line, which was recently acquired, is poised to bring significant and meaningful new business,” says Naude. The custom coil to coil (CTC) line will produce a “Stucco” and a “Cedar” finish, both of which are eagerly anticipated by the market and poised to replace imported products.

Graytex’s current capacity on its cut to length and slitting (CTL) line of 9 ton coils with a maximum width of 1 500mm and a maximum thickness of 1.2mm (stainless steel).

The new CTC line has a capacity of 8 ton coils with a maximum width of 1 250mm and maximum thickness of 0.7mm (stainless steel).
Naude says: “We cater for aesthetic and functional needs and develop our products around those requirements.”

Graytex AdvertAll of Graytex lines have been custom built to serve a particular purpose. “Challenges lead us to our market,” says Naude. “Many of the problems the industry faces give us an opportunity to find the solution.” This process has helped Graytex / Rimex SA – now Graytex – become a market leader, a position Graytex intends building on.

The perception that stainless steel cladding and finishing products do not have competition in the market is distorted, says Naude. “Not only do we have to compete with other steel companies and “vanilla” products, but we also have to compete against more conventional products such as glass, concrete, wood, etc. Graytex / Rimex SA, over the years, has made a massive dent in this perception. Stainless steel offers a unique functional and aesthetic solution. “Coming off the low base of 2007/8, we are busier this year than in the boom of World Cup 2010,” says Naude. “The architectural use of Graytex / Rimex stainless steel has grown significantly and continues to do so.”

Graytex is poised for great things; a 100% South African owned company with solid traction in the market, a leading reputation and massive growth on the horizon.

Graytex Metals continues to adopt its previous Graytex / Rimex motto …“Customer service and satisfaction is our priority and combined with an extensive and continued investment programme, intends to retain its position at the forefront of metal finishing technology.”

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