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MARCH 2018

2018 brings renewed optimism for South African stainless steel industry

This year may break the downward trend of reduced consumption in the South African stainless steel industry, says South African Stainless Steel Development Association (Sassda) director John Tarboton.

South Africa to make tariffs submission as Trump leaves door open for exclusions

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) says it is studying US President Donald Trump’s proclamations to impose a new 10% tariff on aluminium productsand a new 25% tariff on steel products from March 23. However, the department also confirmed that it would be making a formal submission to the US on the tariffs as provided for in the proclamations.

Columbus aims to export competitively, while growing local market consumption

Columbus Stainless is positioned well to export competitively to the international market, while remaining committed to growing domestic demand for stainless steel.

Sassda to celebrate innovation at 2018 stainless steel awards

Sassda has announced the launch of its biennial stainless steel awards, this year under the theme Celebrating Innovation, acknowledging world-class thinking and success at a local and international level.


Local Certification Not Accepted Internationally Forces SA Hippo To Set Up Companies In Canada And USA

When HAZLETON PUMPS exported the first HIPPO Flameproof Medium-High Voltage; High Volume; Submersible Slurry Pump to Canada in 2003 many challenges and had to be overcame. The main challenge was that the South African certification done on these pumps was not accepted by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Seifsa worried about potential impact of proposed US steel import tariff increases

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (Seifsa) warns that the difficulties facing the local steel industry will continue to worsen in the year ahead if the US Department of Commerce’s recommendation for a tariff of at least 53% on all steel imports from 12 countries – including South Africa – is accepted.


IDC assessing 21 applications under R1.5bn downstream steel incentive

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is currently assessing 21 potential transactions, worth a combined R437-million, arising from applications for support under a R1.5-billion industrial financing scheme set up in 2017 to support manufacturers of value-added steel products.

Seifsa warns US antidumping duties could hurt local steel industry

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (Seifsa) is worried about the potential impact on the local steel industry of the US Department of Commerce’s (DoC’s) affirmative final determinations in an antidumping duty investigation into imports of carbon and alloy steel wire rod from South Africa and other countries.

A brave new world for South African stainless steel producers

Here are some of the ‘hot spots’ in the local stainless steel sector over the next year..



Brussels 20 December 2017 – The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has released figures for the first nine months of 2017 showing that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 7.4% year–on–year to 36.1 million metric tons.

Stainless steel output rising in 2017

The Brussels-based International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has announced that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 7.4 percent year-on-year in the first nine months of 2017 compared to the same time span in 2016.

The ISSF has calculated that 36.1 million metric tons of stainless steel was produced in the first three quarters of 2017, compared to 33.6 million metric tons in the first nine months of 2016.

Stainless Steels for Lecturers and Students of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Brussels, 12 December 2017. A new up-dated version of the ISSF Education Modules has now been published on our website. This series of educational resources on stainless steel is intended to be used by professors and students of architecture, building and construction (ABC), but can be used by anyone with an interest in stainless steel. The material, in the form of pdf and ppt slides, has been prepared by a panel of industry experts and has been reviewed by an Advisory Committee whose members are all active in academia. This guarantees a content which is both technically accurate and unbiased. The files are available in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.


Growing domestic demand at heart of plan to create a million manufacturing jobs

The Manufacturing Circle released a plan on Friday outlining how South Africa could create a million jobs over a ten-year period through pursuing a series of reforms designed at stimulating demand for South African manufactured products and improving the investment climate.

South Africa crucial to global chrome supply, Chromium 2017 hears

South Africa is an irreplaceable global supplier of chrome ore and ferrochrome, which is, in turn, an irreplaceable component of China-dominated stainless steel production, global delegates to last week’s well-attended Chromium 2017 conference heard.

Zimbabwe invites investment in underground chrome mining

Zimbabwe on Wednesday invited chrome mining investors to focus on undergroundchromium operations rather than cheaper strip mining operations, from which most of the country’s chromium ore is currently extracted.


Seifsa concerned about US investigation into carbon, alloy steel iron rod imports

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (Seifsa) says it is extremely concerned that the challenges facing the local steel industry will only worsen if the US Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commissions’ (ITC’s) parallel investigations to determine if US producers have been harmed by carbon and alloy steel wire rod imports from Italy, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraineand/or the UK, prove positive.

US finds seven countries dumped steel wire rod

The US Commerce Department on Wednesday said it made an initial finding that carbon and alloy steel wire rod from Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and Britain were being sold in the US market at less than fair value and imposed antidumping duties of up to 147.63%.

Global steel production for 9 months to Sept up 5.6% y/y

Global crude steel production for the first nine months of this year reached 1.27-billion tonnes – a 5.6% year-on-year increase.


Stainless steel LCC brought into 21st century with app

According to Sassda executive director John Tarboton, one of the biggest obstacles to the specification of stainless steel in certain applications is the misperception that it’s more expensive in comparison to other initially cheaper options. Addressing this challenge, in 2016 the association launched an app that assists engineers in assessing stainless steel life cycle costs, giving its technology a mobile platform.

AUGUST  2017

Stainless Steel Production Reached 11.8 Million Metric Tons in the First Three Months of 2017

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has released figures for the first three months of 2017 showing that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 14.5% year–on–year to 11.8 million metric tons.

JULY 2017

Numsa has no desire to avoid strike action – Saefa

Responding to the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa’s (Numsa’s) alleged intention to take industrial action to “shut down” the country’s engineering sector, the South African Engineers and Founders Association (Saefa) feels that the trade union has no desire to avoid strike action, despite the significant financial repercussions it will have on the industry.

Numsa warns ‘intransigent’ employers in engineering sector of possible strike

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) on Tuesday slammed “intransigent” employers in the engineering sector and warned of a “total shutdown” in the industry.

Seifsa and Neasa in war of words as metals sector strike looms

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (Seifsa) has described suggestions that it is only representing the interests of large employers in the metals and engineering sector as malicious “propaganda”, arguing that it “fights hard” to represent both small and big companies.

Numsa warns of imminent metals, engineering industry strike

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) on Friday warned of an imminent strike in the local metals and engineering sector, after the latest round of negotiations reached a deadlock on Thursday.

South African stainless steel imports surged by 44% in 2016

Imports of finished stainless steel products into South Africa surged by 44% in 2016, a survey by Southern African Stainless SteelDevelopment Association (sassda) has revealed.

This was largely owing to a flood of imported product, primarily from China. In comparison, the export of finished products dropped by 20%.

JUNE 2017

Musina Intermodal Terminal to improve cross-border trade

The Musina Intermodal Terminal (MIT), launched on Monday, is set to reduce the cost of cross-border trade, especially for bulk commodities, on the North-South trade corridor.

The terminal, about 3 km outside Musina and about 13 km from the Beitbridge border post, will serve to move commodities, including coal, copper, nickel and chrome, as well as citrus, maize and tomatoes, from road to rail, and vice versa.

SA steel production drops 3.5% year on year in May

SA’s steel production fell by 3.5% year on year in May to 561,000 tonnes, according to the World Steel Association.

Steel production is an important indicator of a country’s economic health, so that SA’s fell by only 0.8% in the first five months of 2017, after a 4.2% drop last year, is good news. It means overall economic growth should be above last year’s 0.3% increase. SA, however, lags global growth as global steel production increased by 4.7% in first five months of the year.

Steel industry needs to pull together to fight import risks

In light of the recently implemented safeguard duty on hot-rolled steel, continued collaboration among stakeholders is necessary to protect the steel industry against the influx of steel imports, said consulting firm XA International Trade Advisors director Donald Mackay on Tuesday.

Sassda awarded international Bronze prize in Tokyo for Hydra Arc’s Water Tanks project.

At the recent International Stainless Steel Forum’s  (ISFF) conference in Tokyo, stainless steel associations and producers from around the world were invited to enter the ISSF-21 Awards on behalf of their members and customers.

Sassda entered all the winners of its 2017 Stainless SteelAwards competition. Sassda was awarded Bronze for Best New Technology on behalf of Hydra Arc for its 3CR12 WaterTanks that have replaced concrete tanks, manufactured in Secunda, Mpumlanga.

Numsa to demand 15% increase in engineering sector wage talks

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has said it would demand a 15% wage increase across the board as wage talks in the metal and engineering sector begin on Wednesday.

MAY 2017

Applications for new R1.5bn steel incentive open on June 1

Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel released details on Thursday of a new R1.5-billion incentive for downstream steel manufacturers, which would be implemented from June 1.

Davies promises support for downstream firms as he confirms steel safeguard duty

Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies confirmed on Monday that he had signed off on a hot-rolled coil (HRC) safeguard duty, but refused to be drawn on the duty level proposed until the Word Trade Organisation (WTO) had been notified.

APRIL 2017

South Africa plans emergency steel tariff from July – WTO

South Africa is proposing to put emergency “safeguard” tariffs on imports of certain flat hot-rolled steel products from July, it said in a filing published by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Thursday.

GLOBAL STAINLESS WRAP: Mills see prices erode after mid-Q1 high

Relatively high prices for stainless steel products across the globe in the first quarter of 2017 are unlikely to be sustained in the second quarter, as high stock levels and modest demand create problems for producers in the Asian, European and North American markets.

MARCH 2017

Stainless Steel Production Increases by 10.2 percent 

Brussels 07 March 2017 – We have released interim figures for 2016 showing that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 10.2% year–to–date.

Stainless and heat-resisting melt shop steel production [000 metric tons]

Sassda launches competition to promote life cycle costing app

Southern Africa Stainless SteelDevelopment Association (Sassda) has launched a competition to promote its life cycle costing (LCC) app, which was developed in 2016 to boost the use of stainless steel in the local market.



First of all, the report (2017 Stainless Steel Tube Market) provides a basic overview of the Stainless Steel Tube industry 2017 including – definitions, classifications, Stainless Steel Tube market by applications and Stainless Steel Tube industry chain structure.

Stainless Steel Global Market 2017 Share,Trend,Segmentation And Consumption Forecast To 2021

The analysts forecast the global stainless steel market to grow at a CAGR of 5.65% during the period 2016-2020.


Global Stainless Steel output hits 33.6 MMT during Jan-Sept

Global stainless and heat-resisting melt shop steel production gained 7 percent year-on-year to 33.6 million metric tons during the first nine months of this year, as per the latest figures released by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF).

China’s stainless steel prices drop on weak demand

Domestic stainless steel prices in China moved lower during the past week as demand weakened.

Stainless melt shop production up 7% in January-September: ISSF

Stainless steel melt shop production in the first nine months of 2016 rose 7% year on year to 33.585 million mt, figures from the International Stainless Steel Forum showed Tuesday.

SASSDA survey lights the way for possible industry upturn

Predictions that 2016 would be another tough year for the stainless steel industry may be less accurate than originally thought. This after the last three Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) Short Track Surveys revealed an overall average improvement in market statistics.

SASSDA Facilitates Cross Border Initiatives With Leading Kenyan Stainless Steel Fabricator

A sassda facilitated visit by one of its members, Kenyan-based stainless steel fabricator Desbro Engineering to a number of South African counterparts has resulted in a training partnership between the South African Institute of Welding as part of a joint initiative to boost the skills base within the Kenyan stainless steel sector.


Stainless steel industry participants more optimistic about business conditions

Thirty-eight per cent of the 89 Sassdamembers who participated in the Southern African Stainless Steel Development Association’s (Sassda’s) Short Track survey for October indicated a positive response to the current order situation.

Cold-rolled steel imports hurting South Africa’s steel industry – trade group

Imports of cold-rolled steel products, particularly from China, are hurting South African producers, initial findings from a local trade agency showed on Monday, potentially paving the way for additional import duties.

Global Stainless Steel output likely to hit an all-time high in 2017

MEPS predicts that world crude stainless steel output will reach an all-time high of 43.3 million tonnes in calendar year 2016. This would represent a 4.2 percent increase on the previous record figure, set last year. MEPS expects further growth in global production in 2017. A new peak volume of 45 million tonnes is forecast for next year.


On Thursday 20 October the Sassda Columbus Steel Awards Gala took place at The Indaba Hotel.

This year saw a record 144 entries, up from 43 in 2014. Hydra Arc was proud to be an award finalist for its entry “Design & manufacture of municipal water storage tanks in 3CR12 instead of concrete”.

Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards winners announced

Awarding steel excellence was the order of the evening at this year’s South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association’s (Sassda’s) Columbus Stainless Steel Awards, which took place at the Indaba Hotel on 20 October.

2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards’ world-class winners announced

The 2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards are a clear indication that the local stainless steel sector is home to a wealth of world-class products and skill, with a record 39 world-class winners having been announced


Stainless Steel Market analyzed the Industry region, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis to 2021

ISSF: Global stainless steel output in H1 2016 surpassed 22 million mt

According to recent statistics published by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF), the global stainless steel production increased 4.10% during the initial six months of 2016, in comparison with the corresponding half yearly period in 2015. The stainless steel melt shop production during the second quarter of the year surged higher by 15% when matched with Q1 2016.


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