The Import Sector of Sassda was formed in early 2007 with the purpose of providing its members the opportunity to be a driving force in the Association. In order to place importers on the same footing as the local producer, Sassda made a provision in its Articles of Association for a representative of the Import Sector to have a standing seat on the Board and the Main Committee of Sassda.A special Annual General Meeting was held at end-January 2007, where voting was held to approve the establishment of the Import Levy and a Special Resolution was lodged with the Registrar of Companies. Import Sector office bearers were nominated and elected, and the effective date of the Levy was confirmed as 1 March 2007.

Levy Procedure

Since Sassda is an inclusive industry organisation, its members should contribute to the funding of Sassda in a fair and equitable manner.

While the administration of local production levies is straightforward (there being only one domestic mill), the onus of import levy collection must be on all those members who purchase levy-rated imported stainless steel material themselves or through a third party.


  • Those Sassda members who fall into the above category are obliged to ensure that the levy has been paid to Sassda;
  • In order to comply, members shall be required to enquire of their suppliers whether the levy has been declared or paid;
    • An affirmative written response from the supplier shall suffice;
    • A negative response will place the onus on the member to declare/pay the levy;
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements shall be deemed a breach of the Sassda MOI and non-compliant members may have their Sassda membership terminated.

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