Service Sector


The Services, Support and Ancillary Product sector covers those companies that supply ancillary services to the stainless steel industry.

Membes offer services that allow fabricators and end-users to receive articles ready for processing.

The sector also includes those companies supplying ancillary equipment, finishing, external services, products and joining systems.

The capital equipment required for these services are usually beyond the means of many in the industry. Coupled with the expertise to supply the service and the economies of scale make these outside support services essential to all.

These services and products include :

Service centres: with cut to size, slitting, blanking, polishing, de-coiling, and plastic coating facilities;

Profiling Facilities: including cutting by laser, plasma, waterjet and pipe cutting;

Finishing procedures and supplies; chemical passivation and pickling;

Outside services: consultancies, NDT testing, TPI inspection, corrosion and mechanical testing;

Chemical passivation and pickling: services and supplies; and

Products: abrasives, polishing consumables, fasteners, (bolts, nuts and screws)

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