The welding sector consists of companies involved in the supply of welding equipment, consumables, wires, gases and associated services and who offer technical expertise to support their products.In 2006 this sector’s activities were reviewed and it was decided that welding should play a greater role in communicating and representing the advantages of welding technology to the architectural, building and construction and fabrication sectors of Sassda.

Key factors for members competing in regional and international markets include quality, delivery and price. Welding sector members are well-placed to support the industry in planning and in focusing on how best to achieve and sustain an advantage in terms of major factors affecting the markets.

These include the transfer of welding technology to the fabrication and architectural, building and construction sectors through seminars, workshops, training programmes and communication via print and electronic media

Welding and safety technology products are varied and include welding machines, welding consumables, welder environmental safety products and product support programmes

While widely-used welding processes such as Stick/MMA, MIG/Mag semi automatic, sub arc ,Fluxcored and Argon Arc / GAS TUNGSTEN ARC Welding TIG continue to be used. Welding technology has seen a rapid advances in precise control of the welding arc and the continuous development by inverter technology and the matching arc consumables and Fluxes.

The sector does not advocate that fabricators change to a particular welding process or product but believes they should be aware of available technology and how it could change their weld quality and output.

The sector is closely linked with the [South African Institute of Welding] and the Welding Institute in the UK.

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