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Step 1 : Download the App





Download the Sassda Life Cycle Costing Application available from the Google Playstore, or the Apple App Store.

Google play I phone app store

You can scan the QR code to download the App.

Alternatively,  you can use the sassda website LCC program.


Step 2 : Enter the information from the table below into the App

Use Mild Steel and 3CR12 or LDX 2001

 Life Cycle Costing InputMild SteelUtility Ferritic Stainless Steel
(e.g. 3CR12)
Lean Duplex Stainless Steel
(e.g. LDX 2101)
Rates and Duration Cost of Capital pa2%2%2%
Inflation Rate pa1%1%1%
Desired Duration (years)100100100
Downtime per Maintenance Event (days)000
Value of lost production (amount per day)000
Initial CostsMaterial Cost7 300 t @ $600/t
7 300 t @ $1 475/t5 475 t @ $2 575/t
Fabrication Cost1.25 Material Cost1.25 Material Cost1.25 Material Cost
Other Installation CostsPaintingCleaning
(0.3 x painting costs)
(0.3 x painting costs)
Operating CostsMaintenance CostsPaintingNoneCleaning
(0.3 x painting costs)
Cost Per Event$4,073,376$0$1,222,013
Time Between Maintenance Events (years)7N/A20
Replacement CostsScrapped After 100 yearsScrapped After 100 yearsScrapped After 100 years
Elapsed Time Between Replacement (years)100100100
Removal Cost Per Event$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Material + Installation Cost Per Event$0$0$0
Residual Mass of Material Per Event7 300 t @ $200/t7 300 t @ $300/t5 475 t @ $700/t
Annual Material Related Cost$0$0$0

 Step 3 : Using the App email the results to

Note 1:
Lean duplex stainless steel has twice the strength of mild steel or utility ferritic stainless steel. Thus a thinner thickness can be used. Assume a 25% downgauging (and hence weight saving) is possible to still give the required buckling strength.

Note 2:
Material costs are illustrative historical European costs only and may not reflect current actual pricing.

Note 3:
Utility ferritic stainless steel does not require painting because it is corrosion resistant in the Parisian atmosphere. Neither does it require cleaning because it is designed to weather and form a brown patina.

Note 4:
Lean duplex stainless steels require washing every 20 years to ensure that the original look and finish of stainless steel is maintained.

Note 5:
Residual (scrap) values are illustrative historical values and may not reflect current actual values.

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