Life Cycle Costing Comparison

Ferritic 12% chromium palisade fencing, such as 3CR12, 409 and 410s

Despite strong competition from galvanized and painted mild steel fencing, 12% chromium
stainlesssteel palisade fencing is becoming an economic choice in inland areas, where there is
no discolouration.

The growing popularity of 12% chromium ferritic stainless steel palisade fencing can partially be
attributed to the increasing number of stainless steel palisade fencing and gate manufacturers
in Middelburg and Pretoria.

The main motivation for 12% chromium stainless steel versus painted palisades though,
is the lower cost of unpainted 12% chromium stainless steel over the life cycle of the palisade
fence as illustrated in the table below.

Those looking for an aesthetically pleasing, maintenance free stainless steel palisade fence,
can go to the “Find a Supplier” tool on the Sassda website (
or contact the following companies for quotations.

lcc table


waterfront lcc1 lcc2

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