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05 December 2016

Sassda Facilitates Cross Border initatives with leading Kenyan Stainless Steel Fabricator

sassda-executive-director-john-tarboton-2A sassda facilitated visit by one of its members, Kenyan-based stainless steel fabricator Desbro Engineering to a number of South African counterparts has resulted in a training partnership between the South African Institute of Welding (SAIW) as part of a joint initiative to boost the skills base within the Kenyan stainless steel sector.

The visit also resulted in Desbro securing a more satisfying primary supplier contract with a local stainless steel producer that will see the company’s production cycle benefit from shorter lead times and reduced duties. Desbro has also been able to liaise with local fabricators resulting in the formulation of technology agreements.



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17 November 2016

SA Stainless Steel survey lights the way for possible industry upturn

sassda-executive-director-john-tarboton-5Predictions that 2016 would be another tough year for the stainless steel industry may be less accurate than originally thought. This after the last three Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) Short Track Surveys revealed an overall average improvement in market statistics.

Sassda Executive Director John Tarboton confirms that in the latest survey (October 2016), 38% of the 89 sassda member respondents indicated a positive response to the current order situation, although this is a slight deterioration on last month’s 40%. “The improvement in sentiment of our members is also encouraging as 33% of sassda respondents see their current business situation as positive, albeit slightly down from September’s 36%.




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2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards announced

25 October 2016

The 201Stainless Steel Award Banquet6 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards are a clear indication that the local stainless steel sector is home to a wealth of world-class products and skill, with a record 39 world-class winners having been announced up from the 14 awards presented in 2014.

These winners were drawn from a broader spectrum of sectors due to an expansion in the number of categories. This stems from a desire to broaden the scope of categories to ensure they are fully representative of the depth and diversity of the industry. In addition, not only were the awards over-subscribed in terms of sponsors, but they also exceeded all expectations in terms of the number of entries which increased from 43 in 2014 to 144 in 2016.

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New research data set to stimulate trade growth for Stainless Steel sector

22 September 2016

sassda-executive-director-john-tarbotonTwo years of intensive research by the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) in association with the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa; now gives local stainless steel fabricators insight into growth opportunities in new export markets as well as import substitution within the South African market.

Sassda Executive Director John Tarboton comments; “Previous data available to us only tracked primary product import and export figures; whereas we are now able to drill down into 100% of total data within the stainless steel industry. These include finished products such as catalytic convertors within the automotive industry which make up 28% of total South African consumption and tank containers manufactured for the food and chemical industries, for example.




Mechanical Technology (Print) p28, 29 (Online) – Sassda research offers insight into market opportunities (Online) – Sassda research offers insight into market opportunities

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New App Lifts Lid

17 August 2016

Screenshot_2016-08-17-11-53-48One of the biggest obstacles to the specification of stainless steel in certain applications, is the misperception that it’s more expensive in comparison to other initially cheaper options. In the short term, that may be the case but a new world-first App from the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) is set to lift the lid on the ‘bigger picture’ – namely stainless steel’s ability to ensure far lower overall life cycle costs (LCC).


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Multimillion Rand Africa Projects Offer Huge Potential For SA Stainless Steel Supply

15 August 2016

Lesley SquiresStrategic trips by the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) to Tanzania, Senegal and Mozambique as part of the dti’s Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA) have yielded a number of exciting, ‘new market’ opportunities for local companies wishing to ramp up their returns on existing or potential African investments.





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