What is Happening in the World of Stainless Steel

01 March 2019

What is happening in the world of stainless steel

Furnaces must maximise production



Thos Begbie, in partnership with a Canandian consulting firm, have developed two long lasting components for blast furnaces that will maximise their production.  One is described as a ‘top secret’ component that will ‘revolutionise’ the industry, and the other is a redesign of a tuyere – a component of complex design through which air and/or oxygen is pumped at high pressure into the hearth of the furnace to facilitate smelting in a more rapid and efficient way.

(Mining Weekly 15 – 21 February 2019)

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“Total” announces huge gas discovery off south africa’s southern coast


Petroleum company Total has made a significant gas condensate discovery in the Outeniqua Basin the company announced last week.  Located 175 km off the southern coast of South Africa in a challenging deep-water environment ranging from 200 m to 1.8 km, Total were able to leverage their experience in similar environments, such as the West of Shetland, off the coast of the UK.  Mineral Resource Minister Gwede Mantashe welcomed the announcement and stated the discover confirmed his decision to separate legislation for oil and gas from “traditional minerals”, as it would enable policies that fully supported the oil and gas sector’s potential.

(Engineering News 15-21 February 2019)

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A study by the Associated Press found that 370 companies across the country have been granted more than 16,000 exemptions to the 25% steel tariffs and 10% aluminium tariffs, and about 31,000 are still pending.

(Steel News 19 February 2019)

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World Stainless Steel Production


The International Stainless Steel Forum has released figures for the first nine months of 2018 showing that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 10% year on year to 39.1 million metric tons.  Chinese melt shop production increased by 8.5%.

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British Steel faces EUR 110 million Brexit bill


Bloomberg reported that British Steel could be among the first businesses to take a major financial hit because of Brexit, about EUR 110 million in the cast of a Brexit do deal.  According the Bloomberg, in the absence of a Brexit deal, British Steel must by around 6 million tons of carbon on the open market, at a cost of around EUR 110 million by the 15th of March.

(Steel News 25 February 2019)

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