New Tiered Membership Structure

 PLATINUM Local mill R1 500 000 R263 440 R27 960 593 R28 224 033 18.8
 GOLD National distributors  R200 000 R95 085 R6 251 701 R6 346 786 31.7
 SILVER Multiregional distributors R96 000 R51 835 R1 095 968 R1 147 803 12.0
 BRONZE Regional distributors R48 000 R40 285 R252 321 R292 606 6.1
 DIAMOND >100 employees R36 000 R35 635 R450 068 R485 703 13.5
 RUBY 41-100 employees R24 000 R22 935 R323 429 R346 364 14.4
 SAPPHIRE 10-40 employees R12 000 R17 285 R74 030 R91 315 7.6
 EMERALD <10 employees R6 000 R11 635 R27 441 R39 076 6.5

The above table gives a broad overview of the new membership tiers.

There are two main categories of membership. Precious Metals which are the suppliers of primary stainless steel products into the market and Precious Stones which are the converters of primary product to finished products as well as non-stainless steel suppliers into the industry. The sub-categories in the case of the Precious Metals Members is determined by whether a member is a local mill or distributor and further, whether the distributor is regional or national. The sub-categories of the Precious Stone Members are determined by the total number of employees involved  with the stainless steel side of the business.

It can be seen that the Precious Stone Members can get all of their membership fees back by utilising the free stuff of their membership.

There is additional quantifiable value to your membership, the details of which are shown under Membership Packages.

However one can see that the Benefit Cost Ratio is between 6 and 30 indicating an excellent return on your investment in Sassda.

Note: This new funding model will only be implemented after the Memorandum of Incorporation has been amended and approved at the next Annual General Meeting in August. Implementation will only begin in March 2020.