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By: Megan Young, Corporate Finance Transactor, Sasfin Capital

In today’s market where trends change daily due to global market volatility, business owners are now, more than ever, in need of a long-term trusted adviser. The trade has many advisers who do not partner long-term with their clients and who avoid taking on deal risk, which can leave a business owner wanting when identifying a long-term partner.

Raising capital is one of the most popular and valuable ways of growing your business. Specialist corporate advisers look at the universe of potential investors and match the right investor(s) with your company. The prospective adviser would gain a deep understanding of your business, strategy and objectives and, through a rigorous screening process, identify the right investor for your business.


Despite the current financial climate, corporate South Africa and South African private equity firms are awash in liquidity seeking a home. There is a huge demand for quality investments with very little supply. This places you in a particularly strong position to optimise the value for your business. In addition, the right corporate adviser has an extensive database of local and international firms and private equity funds with capital to invest in value propositions.


The time is now. Be better positioned in the market. Choose a success based fee structure to get best results.
You can take advantage of Sasfin Capital’s discipline and long-term vision where we take the journey with you, lowering your risk in exchange for greater rewards.

Get quicker results and unlock your business’s unique value in five simple steps:

1   Understand your objectives
2   Select an advisor which provides you with credibility
3   Ensure the process is well-designed and robust
4   Remove deal risk through preparation and planning
5   Choose certainty in execution


The process followed by Sasfin Capital bridges the gap between the sea of capital available and your business. Sasfin Capital would be aligned with your objectives, focussed on deal success, and would partner with you throughout the process.
Success and reward are closely aligned to your business adviser’s ethos and ability. Don’t be afraid to ask “what is your success rate?” or “are our interests really aligned?”

Appointing Sasfin Capital as your expert business adviser would guarantee years of experience and the backing of the Sasfin brand as a partner to your company. We focus on deal success not deal attainment and our approach is all encompassing as we partner with you, sharing the risk throughout the entire process and providing you with a tailored approach for your unique objectives.

For more information, please contact Kevin Burke at Sasfin Commercial Solutions on 011 531 9151 or email


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