sassda adopts new MOI

sassda boardAt the sassda’s 2016 AGM, a new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) was unanimously adopted, which puts the association on a more secure footing with respect to the Competitions Act. “Last year, we took legal advice to see if our levy system complied with the Competitions Act,” said executive director, John Tarboton. “While our lawyers thought it might, they said they would not like to try to defend it in a court of law.”

At the starting point of the new MOI is a change in membership classes: “We have split the membership into five classes: funding members, ordinary members, retired members, student members and associate members,” Tarboton explains.

The core change involves the way funding members support the association. Explaining how the new system will work, he says: “Funding members are companies that will fund the association based on their previous year’s production for local consumption or imports on a pro-rata basis. Based on an approved sassda budget, an auditing firm will collate the production tonnages of all funders, calculate a cents per kg rate and allocate funding contributions accordingly,” he says.

Charles Cammell adds: “For the association to survive, sassda will prepare a budget. Funding members will examine this budget and, once agreed, the funding requirements will be allocated. Contributions will be proportionally based on actual stainless sales for the previous year. So we are adopting a standard business process,” he says.

Tarboton continues: “This has also led to changes in the make-up of sassda’s main committee. Since they have the right to decide on the budget and the direction of sassda, funding members will now be nominated rather than elected. Each funding member will have the right to appoint a representative and an alternative.”

He adds that, with elected committee members and the addition of representatives from sister associations, such as Sean Blake from SAIW, the size of the sassda committee for 2016 has increased to 28 people.

“There was some concern that this might be cumbersome, but research in the US determined that remarkable associations tend to have main committee sizes of between 20 and 149. So an expansion of ours is a move in the right direction,” concludes Tarboton, before listing the new sassda committee members, which will be chaired by Charles Cammell with Bertus Griesel of Columbus Stainless as vice chairman.


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