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March 2018

2018 Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards celebrating innovation

Sassda is proud to announce the official launch of its biennial stainless steel awards which this year centre around the theme ‘Celebrating Innovation’ with the aim of rewarding world-class thinking and success at a local and international level.

The awards are open to individuals and companies (locally and abroad) that are involved in the design, production, conversion, distribution and use or specification of stainless steel and entrants do not need to be a member of Sassda.

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African Design Magazine – 16 March – ‘Celebrating Innovation’ with steel

Leading Architecture – 19 March – 2018 SASSDA COLUMBUS STAINLESS AWARDS NOW OPEN

Architect Africa – 19 March – 2018 SASSDA Columbus Stainless Awards Now Open


dti to apply to exclude SA from new US tariffs

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has issued a statement to the effect that it is studying US President Donald Trump’s proclamations to impose new tariffs on aluminium and steel products. The dti says it will make a formal submission to the US on the tariffs “as provided for in the proclamations”.


Crown Publications – 19 March – dti to apply to exclude sa from new us tariffs

2018 brings renewed optimism for South African stainless steel industry

This year may break the downward trend of reduced consumption in the South African stainless steel industry, says South African Stainless Steel Development Association (Sassda) director John Tarboton.


Engineering News – 12 March – 2018 brings renewed optimism for South African Stainless Steel Industry

Columbus aims to Export Competitively while growing Local Market Consumption

Columbus Stainless is positioned well to export competitively to the international market, while remaining committed to growing domestic demand for stainless steel.


Engineering News – 06 March – Columbus aims to export competitively while growing local market consumption


Beijing Automotive’s new factory is a major boost for the sector


Easter Cape Business – 01 March – Beijing automotive factory is a major boost

February 2018

Passivity key to keeping stainless stainless


Crown Publications  – 14 Feb – Passivity key to keeping stainless stainless


Crown Publications – 01 Feb – Passivity key to keep to keeping Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a crucial role to play in fixing SA’s water woes

Globally, as much as 35% of all treated water is lost to leaking piping systems with South African levels reaching as high as 60%. This has prompted a stainless steel test project to get underway in Paarl between sassda, local municipal authorities and South African manufacturers in search of the most environmental and economic solution for the country’s water-wise future.

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Online  – 08 Feb – Steel pipes can secure SAs long-term municipal water supplies – 23 March – Stainless Steel Pipes can secure SA’S Long-term Municipal Water Supplies



Cape Business News – 01 March – Stainless steel for water security

Construction World – 01 March – Securing SAs long-term water supplies

SA Business Intergrator – 01 March – Stainless Steels role in solving SA water crisis

Sassda equips members to take advantage of ‘hot spot’ African projects

Sassda recently hosted a top-level Africa Rising Market Intelligence Briefing which revealed that Africa still has what it takes, with a healthy recovery in growth rates predicted for the Sub-Saharan African region of 2.6% in 2017 (Source: IMF) and pockets of above average growth in countries

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Supply Chain Today – 01 Feb – Sassda encourages further roads into Africa

January 2018

A brave new world for South African stainless steel manufacturers

Here are some of the ‘hot spots’ in the local stainless steel sector over the next year…


Biz Community – 09 January – BizTrends2018: A brave new world for South African stainless steel producers


International Hardware Retailer – 01 Jan –  BizTrends 2018 – A brave new world for South African stainless steel manufacturers p.36

Sassda announces R125 000 Lifecycle Costing competition winner!

Along with sixty other accurate finalists in sassda’s 2017 Lifecycle Costing Competition, the overall winner Amrish Punwasi proved that while stainless steel is can be costlier than other materials initially, it often delivers lower long-term costs in the life-cycle of the construction.

The competition required that entrants download sassda’s Lifecycle Costing app to calculate the cost savings that could have been achieved if the Eiffel Tower had been constructed out of stainless steel, either 3CR12 or LDX 2101, rather than mild steel. The calculation needed to take the current inflation rate, the cost of capital and the real interest rate into account, together with its ongoing maintenance and painting expenditure.

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SA Mechanical Engineer – 01 Jan – From security to Lifecycle Costing

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