Strategic partnering enables Sassda to share resources and expand reach

Sassda has embarked on a series of ongoing training programmes focused on the technical and application aspects of stainless steel. The initiative is intended to highlight to specifiers – such as engineers, architects and quantity surveyor – the attributes and benefits of using stainless steel.

Sassda Marketing and Training Manager Mankabe More says; “We are intent on creating alliances through the establishment of complementary training courses optimised for a variety of industry applications. This is to help remove barriers to the greater specification of stainless steel given that it isn’t always the cheapest upfront choice for a particular application.

“However, its durability, corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance etc, often makes it the most cost-effective choice in a life cycle costing comparison. One of the aims of this type of training, is therefore to highlight the long-term cost saving approach to using specialist materials in a variety of applications.”

In line with its new training drive, Sassda is currently designing a course for a group of members within the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) while another focus is training for engineers within the Department of Water and Sanitation, with the potential for this to be expanded to other government entities such as Transnet.

CPD accredited courseware

One of the core strengths of the Sassda Fundamentals of Stainless Steel course, is that it’s also an accredited workshop that enables individuals to earn continuing professional development (CPD) points.

“Through this initiative, we are looking to collaborate and work with likeminded business partners who we believe can provide significant benefit also convert into a major factor in our ability to win more business for our members and increase order values within aligned industry,” says More.

Sustainable partnerships

Sassda’s new partnership initiative is borne on an opportunity provided by recent research based on a global model which confirms the business benefits of partnering within aligned industries especially when there are commonalities between partners within a customer service culture. Also required between parties is an alignment of products and services, data-driven technologies, organisation and adaptability and where the CEO is a broker of ideas that enables enhanced alliance building through the means of dialogue and engagement.

With course training already available to all Sassda members, this training is now available to aligned industry bodies and government departments and will go a long way to assist in demonstrating stainless steel’s array of attributes, including its strength, durability, versatility, quality, sustainability, hygiene and aesthetic appeal.