South African Apparent Consumption


Sassda has revised its formulas, in line international norms, for  calculating apparent consumption, net imported finished products, and total local market consumption, as follows:

  • Apparent Consumption

= Primary Local Supply + Primary Imports

  • net imported Finished products

= Imported Finished Products − Export Finished Products

  • total local market Consumption

= Apparent Consumption + Net Imported Finished Products

According to this new formula, apparent consumption for  2014 increased by 0.68%, compared to 2013,  to 186  454  tonnes. Primary local supply was up 3.12% to 129 731  tonnes and primary imports dropped 4.47% to 56 723 tonnes.

Imported finished products dropped by 9.88% to 13 980 tonnes and exported finished products rose by 6.28% to 73 050 tonnes.

This lead to  net exported finished products increasing by 10.99% to a negative 59 070 tonnes. As a result, the total local  market consumption decreased by  3.48%  to 127  384 tonnes.

Import and export data for stainless steel Harmonised System (HS) codes do not currently include stainless steel products that include other materials, such as brewing equipment. Sassda is in the process of investigating how to get a more comprehensive representation of actual total import and exports.

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