Stainless Steel in Residential Gates

Sainless steel is best known for its corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. In the Architectural Building and Construction sector, along with the functional structural requirement of a material, aesthetics is deemed an important characteristic. This is why stainless steel is best suited for the successful application in residential and commercial gates. The choice of stainless steel in outdoor applications is dependant on some of the factors listed:

  • Environment and Grade: The nature and severity of the atmosphere in which the grade of stainless steel is The nature and severity of the atmosphere in which the grade of stainless steel is being used is classified as per the table below.

stainless steel grades for gates

  • Surface  finish: A smooth finish (for example bright annealed finish) is less likely  to  trap  corrosive  contaminants in surface grooves, thus improving corrosion performance of the material.
  • Fabrication: Care should be taken not to contaminate stainless steel with other incompatible materials such as carbon steel.
  • Installation: Methods of installation must promote natural washing and run-off of contaminants from the metal surface.  Unprotected  crevices  should be avoided.
  • Cleaning: Suitable cleaning methods and detergents should be applied to ensure the product maintains pristine aesthetic conditions.

The stainless steel gates pictured are located in Middelburg, Mpumalanga – the home of stainless steel. The gates are produced from 430 grade stainless steel with a bright annealed finish. For inland use, the gates should uphold functional and aesthetic requirements for many years to come.

gates in middleburg

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