Graytex are Pro’s at those Finishing Touches

A number of interesting and iconic architectural projects have used Graytex Metals products in ways that make this a stainless steel metal finish  provider to keep an eye on

Since Graytex Metals formed in 2016, after a shareholder buyout from their former UK-based sister company Rimex Metals, the 100% South-African owned company has been bringing their comprehensive range of impressive architectural projects.

Architecture and design increasingly leaning towards a sleek industrial, stateof- the art look and feel in recent years, go-to for many. And it’s no  surprise why, when we see some of the projects Graytex Metals have worked on.

“Graytex takes prides in its quality products and services. We will always try our best to help the customer out no matter how big or small the job is,” says Duncan Gray, head of business and architectural development. “My main function is to focus on the architectural and design sector, and I make contact with as many professionals as I can to drive awareness of our products. We work closely with architects, designers, quantity surveyors and the lie on their projects to help them integrate Graytex Metals products into their design. The most memorable projects we’ve worked on in the last few years have most certainly been, the Sun Time Square Casino in Pretoria, as well as The Discovery headquarters and Sasol’s corporate offices in Sandton. It was incredible working with some of the best buildings are state of the art and amongst the best in the world in design, so each was a milestone for Graytex Metals.”



Viewing the massive form of the Time Square Casino complex as it looks over Pretoria East, it’s easy to see how Graytex Metals’ products have helped create an impactful and distinguishing superstructure. Graytex Metals were closely involved in every step of this development.

“I was contacted by an architect from one of the firms that have used our products on previous projects who was keen on using a number of them for this project. Being a casino, they were looking for products that would represent the client’s prestigious image in the industry – quality finishes that would make them stand out while complementing the theme of the design,” says Gray. “In the end, a number of products (both imported and locally produced) were used on this development, mostly from our range of coloured products. These included Gold Satin Colourtex, Gold Mirror Colourtex, Colour Fusion Vapour (gold), Super Mirror, Bronze Satin Colourtex, Bronze Mirror Colourtex and Titanium Brush. It’s probably the one project that combined the most variety of Graytex products.”

Balancing the line between cost and quantity was a fine one, however, says Gray. “There are always challenges on projects of this size. Cost is always going to be a factor – the architect and client would have loved to have used the products more extensively in every part of the casino but the budget and quantity surveyor were there to reign this in. The solution was for me to meet with all the parties and figure out how we could use the various products more sparingly as feature items, rather than cut them out completely. Another challenge on this project, and which happens on almost all projects, is the communication between the architect/designer, the fabricator, and the contractor. You need to be clear on lead times on your products, especially when there are larger quantities or custom requirements,” he explains.

All the effort was worth it, however. “One of the most rewarding feelings of working on a project like this from start to finish is seeing your products showcased with quality workmanship and installation, designed in a way that complements our products and satisfies the client,” adds Gray.


Graytex Metals worked with the architects of the newest Discovery and Sasol headquarters on their respective sites in Sandton to add finishes that complement the overall look and feel. “Our products weren’t used as extensively as in the Time square casino, but rather as subtle finishing details in each building. The product they both used was Charcoal Satin Colourtex. This is one of my favourite products in our range, and is a very popular colour in the architectural and design space at the moment,” explains Gray.  “They integrated the finish in such a way as to augment the other colours and finishes in the building. Again, it was enjoyable working with two architectural firms that are at the top of their game right now – I think these two projects certainly showcase this. Their attention to detail and design is exceptional. As with other projects, the biggest challenge was the timing of the ordering with regards to the imported product and lead times were stretched out extensively but we managed to get the product here in time by taking a gamble, ordering larger quantities and ahead of time.”


When the Starlite Diner in Bellville, Cape Town, was built in 2003, Graytex Metals (then Rimex Metals) worked closely with the business owner, architect and fabricator to achieve the vision of constructing the archetypal 50s-style diner. “We visited the Starlite Diner in May 2018, 15 years after completion of the project,” says Jason Naudé, Director of the company. “We met the original owner on site, and he confirmed that he has done no maintenance of any kind to the stainless cladding since the diner’s inception.” Combining a retro look with modern materials, the diner shows how stainless steel makes for a reliable, durable and low-maintenance building material. Choosing your material carefully is key, however. “When it comes to materials, Grade 316 was used for its high resistance to corrosion, the BA finish for its lustre and increased corrosion resistance benefit, and Graytex Quilt pattern for its aesthetic quality,” explains Naudé. The Starlite Diner ultimately serves as the perfect example of how the correct grade selection and method of installation results in effective lifecycle costing.”