The Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards 2016

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Columbus Stainless is the main title sponsor of the 2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards. Sassda welcomes all entries to the awards in the following sixteen revised categories:

  • Architecture, Building and Construction – innovative, extensive, productive and excellent use of stainless steel in a commercial, industrial or domestic structure or in an engineering, community or urban project.
    Sponsored by: Graytex / Rimex
  • Engineering – substantial and innovative application of stainless steel in an engineering project.
  • Export Achievement – providing significant growth in export sales thorough innovation, quality and effectiveness (volume, value or both).
    Sponsored by :  Sasfin
  • Ferritic Stainless Steel – use of ferritic stainless steel in an application that demonstrates innovation, life-cycle cost effectiveness, substitution and growth.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel – use of duplex stainless steel in an application that demonstrates innovation, life-cycle cost effectiveness, substitution and growth.
  • Food and Beverage – innovative use of stainless steel in the food and beverage industry.
  • Catering and Hospitality – the most functional, innovative and effective use of stainless steel in a catering and hospitality application.

  • Art – the most artistic and dramatic use of stainless steel in an art application.
    Sponsored by:  Stalcor
  • Manufacturing Innovation – a process or technique that uses or is used for producing stainless steel products that significantly improve the operational simplicity, maintenance, efficiency, reliability, throughput and consumption of stainless steel.
    Sponsored by: NDE
  • Product Development – an innovative new product or existing product now made in stainless steel exhibiting functionality, environmental performance, design for recycling, improvement over existing product quality, environmental friendliness, upliftment of productivity or lifestyle, enhanced competitiveness and operative simplicity.
    Sponsored by: Easy Flex
  • Environmental Award – outstanding stainless steel products that have exemplified inspiration, vision, innovation, leadership and action for the environment.
  • Welding – innovative application of welding in manufacturing to minimise the cost and optimise the quality of fabricated products.
    Sponsored by: Air Products 
  • Services – excellent service to the stainless steel conversion and/or the beneficiation industry, including excellent products and services.
    Sponsored by: National Stainless Steel Centre
  • Student Award – contribution to the knowledge, understanding or application of stainless steel.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to sassda and the stainless steel industry.
    Sponsored by: Sassda
  • Business Excellence Award – for building a sustainable, long-term, thriving business that has demonstrated innovative use of stainless steel in the design and development of products, to become a global leader in the field of excellence.
    Sponsored by: Macsteel VRN
  • Overall Winner – the outstanding winner from the above categories.
    Sponsored by: Columbus Stainless

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