Merit Award – Innovation Category

Sello’s Gutters Manufacturing

For the design and manufacture of Stainless Steel Fascia Boards

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Senyatsi Home Improvements, trading as Sello’s Gutters Manufacturing, started in 1998 in Katlehong.

Sello Senyatsi got a job in 1996 as a metalworker for a steel fabricator in Germiston.While at this company he worked his way up to a foreman and built a strong relationship with his boss, Gerhard Van Schalkwyk. While working there as a factory foreman his sister spoke to him regarding gutters she had ordered over 6 months ago from a guy in Katlehong.

Sello decided to go have a look at her house and said he would do the gutters for her. He got permission to use the machinery at his current job and so began the gutters for his sister. Once he had completed the gutters and installed it he noticed that the gutters looked skew on the house.

That’s when he noticed the house was not built straight. Sello went back to work and decided to manufacture a cover to hide the slant of the gutters. This is where he developed the Sello’s Fascia board, which he has now patented.

Once the gutters and fascias were installed Sello got calls from his sister’s neighbours and other people in the community. Soon he was inundated with work in Katlehong.

His boss Gerhard Van Schalkwyk noticed this and told Sello to start his own business. His boss also provided him with a bending machine for free. Sello started his gutter company in 1998, however, he did not have all the machinery so had to buy certain things from a large company in Germiston. Soon this company became aware of the amount of work Sello had and they started copying his work.

Sello then decided that he had saved enough to buy his own machinery and so began manufacturing everything by himself. Sello Senyatsi started with galvanized and made it a huge success. However, Sello Senyatsi knew what his customers wanted, which is something that shines and adds bling to the house.

He approached Jason Naude from Rimex and asked him for stainless steel gutter coil that could be bent. Jason said to Sello that he will never sell stainless steel and it was not possible. However, Jason and Sello had a strong relationship and Jason decided to do research on a stainless steel guttering material that could be bent and formed.

Sello started with 1 ton of stainless steel coil that took him over a year to sell. The following year he sold 2 tons and in 2014 Sello’s Gutters Manufacturing is selling up to 40 tons a month of stainless steel guttering systems.

Sello’s Gutters is the only company in South Africa that currently manufactures guttering systems in stainless steel.

Sello’s stainless steel fascia board has a unique design with seven unique bends and two stiffeners. The unique bends allowed the fascia board to be shaped and designed in a way that would be pleasing to any homeowner.

The two stiffeners were incorporated to ensure the fascia board would be stable during storms and keep its shape without bending but the most important reason for the stiffeners was so that one person could install the fascia board on their own without any trouble.

Stainless steel fascia boards have become such a hit in townships and rural areas that many competitors have tried to manufacture their own design but constantly fail as they are too weak and not easy to install. Sello Senyatsi realised this and ensured he got a patent for his fascia board design.


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