Stainless Steel Awards 2018

The awards are open to individuals and companies (locally and abroad) that are involved in the design, production, conversion, distribution and use or specification of stainless steel. Entrants do not need to be a member of Sassda.

The theme for this year’s Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards is “Celebrating Innovation.”

In addition, a “Sassda Awards Winner” logo has been created, for current and past winners, to use in their marketing and company collateral, to ensure that the awards add value to the winners.

The categories have been expanded to 17 different categories for entrants to choose from.  Entrants can enter into more than one category and can enter as many projects and products as they wish. Entry to the awards is free of charge.


Category 1

Support Awards

  • Student
  • Environmental
  • Services
  • Welding
  • Manufacturing Innovation

Category 2

Sector Awards

  • Art
  • Consumerware, Hospitality & Catering
  • Agro-Processing, Food & Beverage
  • Architecture Building & Construction
  • Engineering

Category 3

Product Awards

  • Duplex Stainless Steel 
  • Ferritic Stainless Steel
  • Product Development

Category 4 

Business Awards

  • Most Transformed
  • Export Achievement
  • Business Excellence 

Category 5

Grand Prix Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Overall Winner 

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