The Association

The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association(Sassda), is one of the most active stainless steel industry associations in the world and has, since 1964, been involved in increasing the awareness and use of stainless steel in Southern Africa.

The organisation provides a platform for Sassda members to collectively promote the sustainable growth and development of the industry with the main emphasis on stainless steel converted within the South African economy.

Sassda also provides a comprehensive list of services to its member base including technical information and advice, education, training and skills upgrading, a range of publications and marketing, industry and business development support.

The Constitution

The Association is governed by a Constitution with an elected Main Committee having control of its affairs.

Sassda’s head office is in Morningside where, under the management of the Managing Director , a permanent staff handles day to day affairs. It is also assisted by consultants operating out of various regions.


Membership of the Association, which is subject to ratification by the Main Committee, is open to both national and international companies and individuals, in good standing involved in the production, distribution, fabrication, conversion and use of stainless steel.

Should you be interested in joining Sassda, contact Francis le Roux or call (011) 883 0119 for more details.


Sassda, which is a non profit-making body, derives its income from a variety of sources. These include membership subscriptions, a levy on the sale of domestic and imported stainless steel, networking events and income from publications, education and
technical activities.


Where appropriate, Sassda members are grouped into one of several industry sectors, the members of which meet on a regular basis to discuss areas of common interest. Each sector appoints a chairman who represents that sector on the Main Committee.

Individual sectors, which are allocated budget funds according to their needs, are responsible for directing Sassda’s activities in areas such as market research, sector promotion, workshops, seminars and government liaison in respect of trade practices, duties and incentives.

Sectors are also encouraged to produce brochures on their capacity and activities as a way of making the market aware of their capabilities.

There are 9 sectors currently active but additional sectors can be formed whenever the need arises.

Existing Sectors are:


Sassda offers a number of services, which fall under four main headings:

  • Technical information and advice
  • Education, training and skills upgrading
  • Publications
  • Market, industry and business development

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