Selling of Stainless Steel Course


This is a ½ day workshop for people involved with the selling of stainless steel. This is not a commercial course but intended to empower students with a solid understanding of the metallurgy of stainless steel, the different grades, and their applications.

The course will give students the knowledge and background to offer customers sound advice and the Life Cycle Costing section will allow them to demonstrate the sustainability and cost effectiveness of the material.

The course also includes a discussion on the sales process and strategies when it comes to stainless steel.

Students will be required to complete an assessment, to ensure a good understanding of the material as well as knowledge retention.

Students will have to achieve a minimum of 50% on the assessment to successfully complete the course and be issued with a certificate.

Session 1: A Background to a Simply Brilliant Material

  • A Short History
  • What is stainless steel and what is in it?
  • What makes stainless steel different?
  • Where is stainless steel used?

Session 2: Different Types and Grades of Stainless Steel

  • The Family Tree.
  • The different grades.
  • The properties of the grades.
  • Applications for the different grades

Session 3: Selecting the Correct Grade for Atmospheric conditions

  • The influence of the environment
  • The influence of salt
  • The influence of the weather pattern
  • The influence of design
  • The influence of maintenance.

Session 4: LCC - The most Powerful Sales Tool for Stainless Steel

  • LCC – The Theory
  • LCC – The Calculation
  • LCC – The Sassda Toolbox
  • LCC – Case Studies

Session 5: The Sales Process and Stainless Steel

  • Everything is a process.
  • Stainless Sales Principals.
  • Stainless Strategies.
  • Allow stainless to sell itself.

Cost :

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R1 500.00 per person (including VAT)

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