Education & Training


Training, skills upgrading and awareness

Education, training and skills upgrading are without doubt three of the most important factors determining the successful growth of an industry.

Any industry, therefore, which aims to become competitive both locally and in world markets must have both the will and the means to ensure that its personnel, at all levels, are educated in every aspect of their job.

One of Sassda's aims is to ensure that the facility for this exists and the Association has, therefore, developed a comprehensive education, skills upgrading and awareness programme.

Focused skills upgrading and awareness programmes

Sassda works closely with targeted universities and universities of technology departments to increase awareness of stainless steel as a material of choice. The focused presentations, research sponsorships and design project competitions are held annually at the different institutions.

Sassda also works closely with professional institutions or associations targeted at professionals to increase their knowledge of stainless steel, its properties, applications etc, through approved CPD workshops.

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