Advanced Stainless Steel Course

fundamentals of stainless steel

Date : 09th  - 11th November 2020 
Venue : Johannesburg & Columbus Stainless

About the Course

This is an intensive course on stainless steel for people who require an advanced understanding of stainless steel and have completed the Fundamentals of Stainless Steel course

The targeted audience is any person requiring an in-depth knowledge of stainless steel such as; salespersons, sales managers, specifiers, engineers, workshop managers, end users, etc

After attending the course, the learners should be able to:

  • Understand the thermodynamics and kinetics of the manufacturing process
  • Understand the metallurgy of stainless steel including phase and transformation diagrams
  • Understand the types of corrosion with emphasis on gaseous and dry corrosion through case studies
  • Understand the mechanical properties of stainless steel with emphasis on fatigue, creep and work hardening
  • Know about stainless steel forming and machining
  • Predict weld microstructure

The course includes a 1 day mill visit to Columbus Stainless

Cost (3 days):

Member of Sassda - R6 670.00 per person (excluding VAT)
Non Members - R9 004.50 per person (excluding VAT)

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For further information contact Mankabe More



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