Hydra’s Bulk Water Storage Solutions

Founded in 1987 by Jose Maciel, Hydra Arc has grown from a supplier of specialised welders into a leading refinery maintenance, turnaround specialist, steel fabrication and construction company.

Training, innovation, the ability to embrace new technologies and an uncompromising approach to quality and safety, ensure that Hydra Arc is able to constantly grow its business both locally and internationally.

Hydra Arc chief executive officer, Jan Maswangany, says: “Our business has always depended on the skill of our people and our willingness to embrace new technologies in the fields of welding and steel fabrication. This ensures that we constantly focus on training and skills development and the testing, practical application and development of new technologies.”

One of Hydra Arc’s current projects is the manufacturing and installation of bulk water storage solutions in rural areas.

This is a 100% locally fabricated and sourced solution, and all material and components are of South African origin.

Utility ferritic stainless steel 3CR12 was chosen for the shell of the water tanks because of its resistance to corrosion, while S355 JR carbon steel was used for the tank structure and attachments.

3CR12 is corrosion resistant in treated water service, therefore no material degradation is expected. The water tanks come with a lifetime (100 year) guarantee.

The strategic material selection was made to optimise cost and promote longevity of the water storage solutions. Tank maintenance is further minimised through the use of high quality materials and fabrication techniques.

These storage solutions have changed the lives of communities and serve as a beacon of hope for so many people. The project entailed design, fabrication, transport and installation of a number of water tanks in densely populated water scarce rural areas.

The water tanks were manufactured at Sky Hill Heavy Engineering Facility in Secunda. The state-of-the art facility has 75 000 m2 workshops under-roof consisting of machinery and equipment unique to Africa.

Learners from its adjacent Mshiniwami Artisan Academy, and qualified artisans manned the project.

Hydra Arc is rooted in Mpumalanga and is a proudly South African company. Hydra Arc remains committed to public-private partnerships to uplift the lives of underprivileged communities.





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