National and Regional Support

25 March 2020

The dti is also continuing to drive the Steel Master Plan forward, and Sassda attended a very positive meeting hosted and chaired by the Minister of Trade & Industry Ebrahim Patel last Friday regarding this plan.

To keep you fully in touch with developments on the plan, we will publish a full update on its key objectives and proposed interventions (Monday 30 March) once everyone is in lockdown, and you have the time to digest and appreciate these positive developments.

It’s still important for our members to inform us of possible key areas in industry where specific issues are being experienced due to the economy, virus or both and are geared to feed this information to government for quicker response.

(Please e-mail should you wish to add your input or add a colleague or associate to our email database to receive our ongoing updates on this developing initiative.)

At a regional level, Sassda is engaged in discussions with the Western Cape Department of Economic Affairs and Tourism which is conducting a survey amongst the regional manufacturing sectors to determine the economic damage, but also to get an idea of what assistance is required in the region.

So as we experience this once in a lifetime event, let’s use our current relationships within the industry to collaborate and connect as a collective on a variety of digital platforms, to make sure we’re ultimately stronger together.