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For the design and manufacture of a stainless steel two plate micro gasification stove

5 star stoves

5 Star Stoves is the first clean cookstove business that has mapped and developed the entire value chain into a single business model. Bio energy franchises densifies biomass into pellets and distribute it to its best-of-breed clean cookstoves, giving the energy-poor household a cost effective value proposition.

2.5 billion people cook on open fires and rudimentary stoves. This contributes to deforestation fuelled by the thirst for firewood and charcoal, causing mudslides and reducing environmental resilience to cope with climate change adaptation.

Constant exposure to smoke from cooking is one of the world’s biggest unknown killers, causing respiratory tract infections and lung cancer. Women are the hardest hit, being caregivers supporting households with their cooking needs.

5 Star Stoves aims to provide a new cooking solution delivered via bio energy franchises to energy-poor households.

5 Star Stoves developed its own 2 plate, all stainless steel (grade 430), micro gasification stove as a best of breed adaptive technology and it is well known as the most efficient way to extract energy from biomass. It is the only 2 plate, uninsulated micro gasification stove in the market and the driver of the business.

The company is based in South Africa, where the first demonstration project was delivered and is now in process with the first commercial pilot. The rest of Africa and South East Asia is queuing up looking for development funding to introduce this clean cooking enterprise to their countries.

The household saves time, cooking with a high output stove; cleaner pots mean less washing time and saving water. The fuel pellets are conveniently located to pick up on the way home.

The household saves money.The average 5 person household uses an equivalent of 250kWhe to cook per month costing an average of R360. 5 Star Stoves aims to half the cost to R180 per month.

Three tons of CO2 is saved every year from making a switch in fuel sources or making better use of biomass resources. Now with less household air pollution people are healthier. The stove poses no explosion risk and the pellets are not toxic.

“We see 5 Star Stoves becoming a new industry standard for base of pyramid clean cooking,” says 5 Star Stoves. The concept was developed out of the need to find inventive ways to support agro processing for small farmers as a higher revenue option. This, coupled with the need to create enterprising opportunities, paved the way for the development of the propriety technology clean cookstove. The stove parts are currently patent pending.

The company has won a SEED Award and also achieved first prize in the National Cleaner Councils Adaptive and Appropriate Technology Award and was a finalist for two other Climate Entrepreneurial Awards in 2013, and has been short listed for three awards so far for 2014.


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