Fabrication of Stainless Steel Course

fabrication handling

About the Course

This course introduces employees in the workshop to stainless steel and demonstrate best practices when fabricating and working with stainless steel in the workshop.

The target audience would include persons handling  and working with stainless  steel in the workshop such as; artisans, workshop assistants, welders, etc.

After attending the course, the learners should be able to:

  • Introduce learners to what stainless steel is, what makes it “stainless”, the different grades, common uses and the basic properties of stainless steel
  • Understand broad principles during bending, welding, machining, pressing and drawing and cutting when working with the different grades of stainless steel in the workshop
  • Understand the importance of caring for stainless steel during fabrication
  • Understand what mechanical damage and contamination is and how to prevent it
  • Apply correct procedures for welding, cleaning and passivation of the weld zone and how to maintain the weld
  • Understand the purpose of cleaning, pickling and passivation when fabricating and installing stainless steel
  • Adhere to guidelines during site work.

Cost (1/2 day)

R7500 per session (including VAT)
Excludes: Additional costs such as travel and accommodation


(>10 learners held at company premises and depending on availability)

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