SASSDA Offerings

Find a Supplier on Sassda Website

A free listing for Sassda members on our online Find a Supplier tool with a list of of your products and contact details.

Stainless Steel Magazine 

The Stainless Steel Magazine provides all members with the opportunity to advertise in the magazine and provide editorial.

Technical Support

Technical Support is provided at no cost to all members and end-users. Should the enquiry require more in-depth investigations, then a fee is agreed upon.

Networking Functions

Networking functions provide the opportunity for members to entertain clients, as most members may not be in a position to host their own events.These networking opportunities take the form of :

  • Golf Days and Sports Days for each region
  • Sassda/Columbus Mill Visit
  • Relevant Conferences or Workshops

Member Services

Sassda ensures that its members are regularly provided with information that is of relevance to the industry and are kept up-to-date on happenings at Sassda.  Sassda produces various electronic newsletters

Under the banner of promotions, Sassda's website is of importance.

The website receives a minimum of 50 000 hits per month. Traffic is mostly directed to the members information and the product information section. All members details are provided here along with a list of the products that they produce or stock. In addition, telephonic requests for members or product information is provided by providing the caller with information from the Find a Supplier on Sassda's website.

The "Members Section" on our website - for which each member has his own individual log on - has the following information available:

Past copies of various

  • Newsletters
  • Research
  • Survey
  • Sector News
  • South African HS Codes for Stainless Steel products
  • Industry Reports
  • The Cross and Balls Emblem is provided to all paid up members for use on their promotional materials and products. The emblem is widely recognised as a symbol of quality and trustworthiness. Sassda is seeking to embark on a brand activation exercise to allow our members to further exploit this opportunity and leverage off this promotion.
  • As an Association representing the stainless steel industry, Sassda ensures that it undertakes Lobbying on behalf of the industry. Sassda is currently working on a lobbying strategy to ensure that the industry remains a robust and competitive industry. Industry issues are taken up with relevant ministries and governmental agencies.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Sassda on 011 883 0119