Columbus Stainless – Celebrates Excellence

Columbus CEO Lucien Matthews

Columbus Stainless is proud to once again be the official sponsor of the Sassda Columbus Stainless Awards 2018. This prestigious event is a testament to the different applications and innovations that can be achieved using our precious metal.

The Stainless Steel Awards have for many years served to recognise and applaud exceptional achievements within the stainless steel industry and in
so doing recognise and promote excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial development and the profiling of world classthinking. It is for this reason that we continue to support this initiative.

It is an honour and pleasure for Columbus Stainless to congratulate all the winners. All the nominees are also winners in our view and we hope the next awards ceremony will bear fruits for you.

It is through all your contribution and hard work that stainless steel continues to be the best material. As the only stainless steel producer in Africa, we are confident in the positive role the awards are bringing to the community and the industry as a whole.

While the local economy hasn’t shown improvement in a couple of years, it is through continuous innovations such as we see at the Awards that we
trust manufacturing will be revived. It is important to have a healthy local manufacturing sector amidst all the challenges the global stainless steel market is experiencing at this moment.