Making Stainless Even Better

The Centre of Materials Engineering (CME) at the University of Cape Town has been involved in basic and applied stainless research and development for more than two decades.  Early work in the late 1970s revolved around the development of the well-known 3CR12 corrosion-resisting steel.

At this time, the founder head of the CME, the late Professor Tony Ball, published some of the earliest work on the microstructural development in 3CR12, and later characterised the wear resistance of this important metal under conditions prevalent in South Africa gold mines.

“Today we are still actively engaged in alloy development, but the research has broadened to include thermo-mechanical processing of flat-rolled products.  Although the technology employed in stainless production has reached considerable maturity, the competitive global market demands that the search for process and product optimisation remains an ongoing focus for stainless producers,” says Robert Knutsen, associate professor and director of the CME.

“This area of current international research is no less important for Columbus Stainless in Mpumalanga, as shown by their active support of research in this area.”  The team at UCT, under the leadership of Knutsen, has embarked on an extensive research programme that is jointly sponsored by Columbus Stainless, the National Research Foundation, and the Department of Trade and Industry through the THRIP initiative.



When it comes to cost and time-saving as well as hygiene, nothing bets the Zip Hydroboil water boiling systems.  Available from this leading sink and sanitaryware manufacturer and supplier, the highly-efficient thermal insulation and recycling of steam within all Zip Hydroboil units cuts power bills and saves time, electricity and water.

The Zip Hydroboil maintains water to within one degree of boiling point at all times, conveniently, safely and hygienically.  The units, which come in nine different sizes for domestic, factory, hotel, hospital and office use, are simply mounted to the wall at any point where water and power sources are available.  They are also available in two finishes – high quality, durable white polyester powder coated or equally superior stainless.

All steam generated by boiling water is fully contained within the system, where it is condensed and thus preheats incoming cold water.  Since no steam is allowed to escape into the atmosphere, there is no damage to paintwork, furniture or working surfaces.  All Zip Hydroboils are also equipped with patented safety controls for protection against water or power failure.

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