Make sure your stainless is also safe during the lock down period!

As we head for a 3-week lockdown this evening it’s important to note that there is a high risk for corrosion during this period.

Stainless steel is not able to give optimum performance without the necessary oxygen to maintain the passive layer.

This layer is thin and tenacious and acts as an inert barrier against corrosion attack.

When plants are shut down for extensive period, fluids and other materials stored in stainless steel containers can become stagnant or depleted of oxygen, leading to the potential breakdown of the protective film.

Please ensure that storage vessels remain agitated or aerated. The best solution will be to drain and flush all components such as tanks, storage vessels, pump installations and pipe work. Also keep in mind that due to evaporation, even water can see an increase in chloride levels during long periods of inactivity.

Please distribute this to your customers and institutions with stainless steel equipment and remember that Sassda remains open for assistance and advice during the lock down period.

Contact Michel Basson for more information or call 011 883 0119.