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SA’s R15-Billion stainless steel industry feels the pressure

South Africa’s R15-billion stainless steel industry has felt the strain of a contraction in its apparent consumption figures in the last two years, caused by a flood of Chinese exports and resulting stagnant demand for locally fabricated products. This was the view of our Executive Director John Tarboton at the recent sassda 2017 AGM where […]


Stainless Steel app gives users chance to win R125 000 trip to Paris!

6 March 2017 The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) has launched an exciting new competition in which entrants (e.g. engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, end-users and specifiers and members of the public) stand to win a trip to Paris worth R125 000!  Entrants need to download and use sassda’s life cycle costing (LCC) app to […]


Stainless Steel – Practical, Economical … Romantic

15 February 2017 On 31 March 1889, after workers had riveted the last of more than 18 000 iron pieces into place to complete construction of the Eiffel Tower, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, climbed its 1 710 steps to unfurl the French flag from its pinnacle. A hundred and twenty seven years later, at a Corrosion Seminar […]


Municipal Stainless Steel Solutions could save SA Millions in Water Losses

14 February 2017 With South Africa experiencing Stage 2 and 3 water restrictions following its worst drought in decades, the spotlight falls on the solution of using stainless steel in water distribution and service pipes in South Africa to reduce leakages and maintenance costs and preserve our already strained water resources into the long-term future. […]


New App lifts the lid on stainless steel’s lower life cycle costs

17 August 2016 One of the biggest obstacles to the specification of stainless steel in certain applications, is the misperception that it’s more expensive in comparison to other initially cheaper options. In the short term, that may be the case but a new world-first App from the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) is […]


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