Handling of Stainless Steel in the Warehouse


About the Course

This course introduces employees to stainless steel best practices in the workshop and warehouse when handling and storing stainless steel.

The target audience would include persons exposed  and working with stainless  such as; warehouse and shop floor staff, forklift drivers, packers etc

After attending the course, the learners should be able to:

  • Understand what stainless steel is, what makes it “stainless”, the different grades, common uses and the basic properties of stainless steel
  • Understand best practices in the warehouse when storing and handling stainless steel
  • Understand segregation of stainless steel and the benefits of the colour coding chart in the warehouse.

Cost (1/2 day)

R7 500 per session (including VAT)
Excludes: Additional costs such as travel and accommodation


(>10 learners held at company premises and depending on availability)

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