Architecture, Building & Construction



Architecture, Building and Construction (ABC) traditionally is one of the fastest growing sectors of the South African economy which offers healthy opportunities for locally converted Stainless Steel.  Redevelopment and new infrastructure through government as well as private investment has been key to the growth of the ABC sector over the last period.

The use of Stainless Steel in construction is increasing rapidly due to the material’s life-cycle and green properties.  Other properties including aesthetics, durability, corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance and fire resistance make stainless steel ideal for use in the ABC sector. If appropriate grades and finishes are selected, there should be no need to replace Stainless Steel, even if a building’s life spans hundreds of years.

When total life cycle costs are considered, Stainless Steel is often the least expensive material option available for architects, designers and quality surveyors. Maintenance costs are low, it is easily fabricated and its mechanical properties, such as its structural strength, allow thinner sections to be used.  This allows for reducing the weight of fabrications without compromising strength.

Also due to its strength and life-cycle properties, Stainless Steel is also used increasingly as a structural material in the actual construction of buildings. Further more, Stainless anchors and fasteners help ensure that stone, masonry, slate and tiles reach their service life potential. Stainless steel can also be used in remedial repairs of existing building stock.

The most versatile and common grades of Stainless Steel used in the ABC sector are the austenitic 300 series, types  304, 304L, 316 and 316L and the in-expensive ferritic  grade known as 3cr12.

Aside from major structural fabrications, Sassda members fabricators who produce items such as staircases, balustrade, cladding for lifts, columns and buildings, light fittings, hinges, screws, nuts, bolts and countertops, among others.

Sassda’s primary role is to introduce ABC members and their products to industry participants such as architects, quantity surveyors, interior designers, property developers, parastatal bodies and students.

The South African industry provides locally developed products and services on a par with the best available in the world. Sassda has initiated a competence evaluation programme as a means of aligning its members with best practices, and thereby reducing the risks involved in using non-certified fabricators.

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