Beyond Stainless Steel Workshop


High nickel containing alloys are used in industry applications that require properties that normal grades of stainless steel cannot meet. Although a class of material on their own, these ‘super’ grades are viewed as a part of the stainless steel extended family tree. It is the objective of this workshop to inform specifiers, users, fabricators and educators about the features, benefits and limitations of nickel and its alloys which may be used for corrosion and high temperature applications.


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The course is approved by the above institutions and carries 1 point from SAIMechE


Session 1 : Understanding Stainless Steel 

  • A review of stainless steels and the corrosion mechanisms that are most relevant to them in general industry.

Session 2 : Nickel and it's Alloys

  • A review of nickel alloys for corrosion resisting applications with reference to the metallurgy of the alloys and the corrosive media in which they may be used.
  • This module will include case studies.

Session 3 : Nickel and Corrosion

  • A review of alloys which have insufficient nickel to be classed as nickel alloys, yet they are more highly alloyed than the stainless steels with which attendees maybe familiar.

Session 4 : Nickel, High Temperature and Corrosion

  • High temperature service is a significant application for stainless steels and nickel alloys.
  • In this module we consider the damage mechanisms that may apply in high temperature service and review the appropriate alloys again with reference to their composition and its effect on the performance of the alloy.
  • This section includes practical examples.

Session 5 : Fabrication Considerations

  • A brief discussion relating to the use and working of nickel alloys.

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