New Combination Handwash Urinal

In that most traditional and least glamorous of stainless steel applications, the urinal, many commentators may have considered that there was no scope for further development.  Parker Basterfield and Co. (Pty) Ltd, however, have designed, manufactured and now launched onto the South African market a new concept known as “Handiflush”, which combines a hand rinsing facility with the urinal unit.

Designed primarily for schools, offices, factories, mines and public buildings, the new unit works off the ball valve, and two litres of water is directed automatically for about 30 seconds through the top pipe to encourage personal hygiene without wastage of water.  Conservation of water is a principle adopted in the unit as a whole: the flush is of two litres only (compared to a normal cistern which uses some eleven litres), and this is a major cost saving in all public installations.  The unit also overcomes the costs and problems associated with the custom-fabrication of many installations.  Its modular form allows any number to be installed from stock, and allows amenities to be extended at any future time when they are needed.  The obvious benefits to hygiene are not only confined to the flush section: the bowl is increasingly preferred by many property developers and institutions to traditional alternatives.  The registered design fits easily to any wall surface and can be fitted at any height, for children or adults.

Parker Basterfield, already a major supplier to the Railways of carriage fittings and basins, and a major supplier of sanitary ware and industrial catering and hospital equipment currently has a design and development programme based on stainless steel fabrication in which traditional or new requirements are identified, and products produced as standard or stock items to satisfy the needs.

The Handiflush combination handwash urinal from Parker Basterfield which provides a water saving and hygiene conscious alternative to the out-moded and custom built urinal


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