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Gary i Crawford

For the Design of the "Rage Biltong Cutter"


Gary i Crawford wins the award for catering and hospitality with his RAGE Biltong Cutter. The biltong cutter was especially designed and produced to raise funds for RAGE (Rhino Action Group Effort). Ten biltong cutters were made for auction at a fund-raising event.

Eschewing the usual material of construction choice (wood), the designers specifically chose the only man-made noble metal, stainless steel, as the principal material. Stainless steel is, without doubt, a technically advanced material.

Gary says: “RAGE activities to protect rhinos must be high-tech if they’re to be effective.

“I am a long-time conservationist and the RAGE Biltong Cutter is my initiative to generate anti-poaching funds.

“I conceived of the idea for a competition for project house engineers to design a biltong cutter. The required design elements were that it needed to  be stainless steel, modern and ergonomic.

Contact :  Gary i Crawford
Tel : 082 600 6083