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For the use of Duplex Stainless Steels in an Application that Demonstrates Innovation, Life Cycle Cost Effectiveness, Substitution and Growth Potential

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Styria Stainless Steel Fabrication takes first prize in the duplex category of this year’s awards for the use of duplex stainless steel in an application that demonstrates innovation, life cycle cost effectiveness, substitution and growth potential.

Styria Stainless Steel Fabrication fabricated pressure vessels, filter screen assemblies and tanks in duplex 2205 for an export order for a mine.

While duplex offers improved corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, which reduce the required vessel wall thickness, it is more difficult to fabricate and weld. This provides significant challenges in meeting dimensional tolerances and weld quality, which were both overcome by Styria’s experience and expertise.

The pressure vessels were designed and detailed to ASME code by Styria Stainless Steel Fabrication in association with the project consultants and Approved Inspection Authorities.

The complexity of the pressure vessel design was further complicated by the number of large nozzles in the dished ends which required the design and manufacture of precise jig work.

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